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This site connects writers with photographers, business,  publishers, freelance employment, graphic artists, and other producers of literary material. We host writing contests and showcasing individual authors, writing organizations, and develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We’re helping to grow the literary jungle.


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Social Media

Writers can help manage multiple social media profiles over multiple platforms. Need a regular posting on your company social media or blog with a certain voice and character? The network of guerrilla operatives … I mean, writers & graphic artists can do that for you. Feel free to link this page to your social media and connect with us on any media platform.

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When great minds come together great ideas are born. Even you and me can hatch some clever ideas. The links on this site lead to creative individuals and great minds. Bringing them together to freely interact will bring new wonder into the world. Come be part of that. Creatives can find a home here. This is a creative connection space for people to find and meet each other.




Find writers to reach your readers.  Or simply browse to find the creative team that suits your needs. If you need customers to remember your message and feel powerful association with your product and community find a person who can make that happen here. 



Who are we? Writers, Artisans, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and people who support them. Find a future business partner or an editor, or the perfect graphic artist. We are centered in the DFW Metroplex, but unlimited. Our connections come from all over. If you want to join us great. We have a contact form just for that. Writing, painting, graphic design, businesses, whatever you create you can share it here. 

Artisans and Scientists welcome. If you want to display your photos, stories, or artwork on Guerrilla Egg please connect with us. You get to keep the rights to your work and link it back to your personal web site too.