"Crazy Business Ideas" Yes, I want more of them!

Business Idea for Today: A chain of resort, casino hotels on "oil platforms" off the cost of major cities along the US side of the gulf of mexico. Phase II, expand to the Mexico side. Ships could cruise from Padre Island to the Keys and make stops along the way. There could be a variety of ways to get to and from the Platform Hotels; speed boat, dinner cruise, helicopter, submarine, or by cruise ship. It would also make a great stop over for the start or end of a cruise. 

    One could make a trip from Galveston to New Orleans and stay there until the ship returned from the keys and go back to Galveston. The possibilities are amazing. The cost for entry is high. This project requires a floating platform with a luxury hotel on top. Plus auxiliary craft and business partnerships with cruise lines and other vacation businesses. But this could be a gold mine at sea. 

    If you have ideas on the best place to locate the first of these hotels let me know. Any other ideas on how to make this kind of sea travel, transportation, network a reality bring 'em out. What a great space to work and live in. This could revolutionize the cruise and vacation and travel industry. What is your 'crazy' business idea for the day?