Genesis, Book 1 of the Idolatry series, by Quent Cordiar

              Reading and listening to Genesis, book 1 of the IDOLATRY series, proved to be a joy. I reached the end of the book while listening to the audio version in my car. My heart and mind were on fire. Fortunately, I had already purchased the audio version of A New Eden, book 2 in the series, and could begin listening immediately.

                             Orson Scott Card used the acronym MICE to discuss the Milieu, Ideas, Characters, and Events of a story. I recommend Genesis on each of these aspects. The background, shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire, seamlessly caulks history with fiction making the milieu a plinth upon which the characters are uplifted, chiseled from marble, bronze, or clay as befits their character. They contend with ideas that continue to vex mankind and are as relevant today as ever. The events of the story, based on the happenings of the times are brought to a human scale for appreciation, much the same way relics from the time are brought to a museum for study. But the author sculpts then into a compelling three-dimensional story that illuminates the people and ideas that continue to shape our world.

              Okay, I'm out of superlatives. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I recommend it to fans of history, love stories, or anyone who enjoys a well-crafted story with compelling characters.