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Darwin's Coral Reef provides the platform for the last chapter. It showcases the very idea of platform. Coral is an ecosystem engineer and that is what this book calls us to be; Engineers of the Ecosystem of Good Ideas. It is a noble challenge. Things like Startup Weekend are crucial to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. College and elementary school work the same way for our national educational infrastructure. The internet provides this for our social, business, and other networks. These platforms also supply niches for the other aspects of environments that produce clever ideas. They provide the collision spaces and liquid networks that enhance the movement of promising ideas. They provide the incubation arena for slow hunches and room for serendipitous experience. They provide environments where error and exaptation can occur without penalty. These platforms we create for the nurturing of innovative ideas are as fundamental to shaping the environment as any beaver dam that engineers a suitable habitat in which other creatures thrive.

         Read the book, but don't stop with the last chapter on platforms. Johnson goes on in the conclusion to wrap up the book and provide thoughts on how we can move forward as individuals, teams, and a culture to create a world where good ideas come from.