Startup Weekend 2-4 March 2018

There are lots of opportunities in the Fort Worth, Dallas, Denton area. Today I wan to focus on one in particular: Startup Weekend Fort Worth. The next one is happening 2-4 March at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, in of course Fort Worth Texas. 

I've participated twice and this is my first time to work as an organizer. For me it is a virtuous confluence of things I enjoy, organizing events, internet marketing, writing stuff, and helping people start businesses in the area. I run in a lot of circles; veterans, writers groups, students, scientists, space enthusiasts, politicians, and business people.  Startup weekend provides an opportunity for me to reach out to all those people and bring them together in the entrepreneurial realm.

I'm a veteran with 30 years of service and I've fought to get veterans a special discount pricing for this event. My experience shows that many Soldier, Sailors, and Air Force people make great entrepreneurs. Those skills that are hard to define to a civilian employer like; embracing the suck, making shit happen, leading by example, and the spirit of the bayonet, are essential for building a business. If you're a veteran and interested in starting your own business or helping a buddy start their's, consider this Special High Intensity Training for developing those skills.

In the military I did lots of writing. As a private in the infantry I labeled range cards. As a Lieutenant Colonel in the infantry I wrote operational manuals, operation orders, reports to congress and letters for general and flag officers. I did a lot of writing. Now I help small and local businesses with web page content and write science fiction. I do a lot of writing and I love it. 

Writers and editors are entrepreneurs. They are part of the group called "solopreneurs" because they tend to work alone. Many don't realize they are business people. They just write for fun and think the money will come later. To my writer friends I say, "Don't wait for later." Figure out the business piece at the next Startup Weekend near you. 

Space is a big place, so big we just call it space. Lots of people want to go there; scientists, students, explorers, and entrepreneurs. Those are all people I enjoy spending time with. Many of them are also veterans and writers. If you want to build a business that will take you to the stars come to Startup Weekend. 

Space business is one of the next frontiers. Another one is the oceans of Earth. Seasteading and the idea of building floating communities at sea is growing daily as more and more people start to recognize the benefits of our oceans. Scuba diving in the Florida Keys makes up some of my fondest memories and plans for the future. It's a great idea to form a business around.

The idea of growing plants, fish, other animals, and food in general in strange and harsh environments inspires me. From the Arctic, to the desert, to the ocean, to outer space, wherever people go we will need food. Food production is one of those sectors that will never go away. Come and bring your business ideas to Startup Weekend.

Sure, I've ask people to come to Startup Weekend, but what is it? Great question, thanks for sticking with me this far. Here is the standard blurb:

"Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Beginning with Friday night pitches and continuing through brainstorming, business development, and basic prototype creation, this is the best place to learn by doing. After working on their concepts all weekend, participants present what they've built on Sunday night to a panel of judges."

Like most great opportunities, it comes disguised as hard work, but there is food and fun and great people there along with doing, learning, connecting and growing. Go visit the website already: