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Thirty two years in the military is a long time. I've seen lots of stuff go down ... and up ... and back down. The US Military is a reflection of society and that is important to finding out what our culture is like. Everyone on the coedit team brings a top-notch skill set to the table. The coding is spectacular, the media content development superb, even the coffee is great.

I've been managing teams of experts since I was a lieutenant in the infantry. Even more so as a company commander. Later I became a headquarters company commander and that is a real mixed bag of skill sets some of which are low density MOS. Or in modern HR parlance "an extensive variety and low number of highly trained individuals that make it difficult to provide training to.

Our one AI expert, where does he go for his training? I ask him, "have you read this?" Of course he has, it's old news to him. But it's great to have him talk me through it. So he's like, "You're old and stuff, what books do you recommend?" I gave him the Illuminatus Trilogy by by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. He's already out of the box, but maybe this will give him a different perspective when he looks back at it.

The other books we kick around are; Where do Good Ideas Come From? by Steven Johnson, Blink, Outliers, and whatever else, by Malcolm Gladwell, and anything with "Lean" or "Startup" in the title. I'm currently loving Live, Work Work, Work, Die, by this one guy, Principles by the other guy and Lean Analytics by that third guy. All good stuff.

These people cut their teeth in Silicon Valley or with big companies in Texas. Gathering here in Dallas, in a penthouse apartment, is just the way things are done for startup companies around here. It's the best office I've ever worked in, although I had a pretty sweet M113 as a Mech Infantry Platoon Leader. That was back when we thought "Russia" was a threat to our way of life ... yeah, never mind about that. It's not the capital "C"s of Communism or Capitalism that create the tensions in the world, it's that special "K" in Kleptocracy that seems unopposed these days.

Sure there is WikiLeaks or wait, who do they work for? Soon Dallas based Barrett Brown will bring the Pursuance Project on line and that will make things interesting. Seasteading and space exploration can't come soon enough. They will pull us out of the upcoming downturn, so keep your eyes open for opportunity. Apparently my commute is giving me too much time for speculation. The point of this piece should be that I'm loving the entrepreneurial work in the collaborative communication space.

So yes, the people here develop software and plug in to various API using SDK (go look it up), but there is so much more to running a company than that. Getting and retaining genius level people, making sure they get the right tools, training, and treatment to ensure optimum performance is tricky at this stage when we're just getting funding and needing to pinch every penny we can from it in order to get this baby built and delivered.

so we're bring the right skill sets together to make this happen and we will be dominating the world soon enough Pinkie. Too much that I've speculated about in my Scifi has come to fruition before I could finish the book for me keep writing fiction. It's time to write the future directly and that is what we're doing at coedit. We share a passion for collaboration and we're building tools that help people do that. I hope you'll be using one of our products soon.

But all that aside I'm really hopeful that people will be collaborating better, saving time, getting cool things done, and in general making the world a better place to live. What happens when we can provide for the nation's needs and allow people to pursue the dreams they have for making life on the planet better, or life on Mars for that matter. Somebody out there wants to build factories on Titan because the temperature there will allow us to product things at a quarter of the cost that we manufacture things here. Anyway there are great things to be done out there, so get coedit and get busy collaborating.